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Walk for Clean Water/Driverless Cars - 50% by 2030/Cold weather EV performance

April 11, 2017

Walk 6K for Clean Water - that's the average distance people around the world have to walk in order to get clean water. To tell us more about the Global 6K for Water, we’re joined by Laura Blank, senior advisor with World Vision.

Driverless cars 50% by 2320 - Autonomous Vehicles or AV’s could be 15 percent of cars on the road by 2030. This is according to a new report, “Driverless Future." We're joined by Joseph Iacobucci, director of Transit with Sam Schwartz Transportation Consultants.

Cold weather takes a toll on EV performance - Tom Appel, publisher of Consumer Guide Automotive joins us for Green Automotive News, where he looks at hybrid and EV performance in cold weather.