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Green Sense Radio his hosted by Green Sense Farms founder Robert Colangelo. The program features entrepreneurs, innovators, academics, and policy makers who are making the world a better place.

Eight million metric tons of plastic waste end up in our oceans each year. This week we spoke to Patrick Simpson of PKS consulting, who is working to launch a Mobile Plastic Ocean Waste Recycler pilot system in Alaska coastal communities. Listen to the full episode and learn how this system collects plastic in the oceans and turns it into usable plastic building materials, creating an economic driver for ocean cleanup.

It’s a new year and you’re ready for change – it’s finally time to trade that paycheck for a dream. But how do you start your startup and make the world more sustainable? Gener8tor is a nationally ranked accelerator program that brings together founders, investors, corporations, job seekers, universities, musicians and artists. This week we spoke with Ryan Jeffery, Managing Director of the newly launched Sustainability Accelerator to discuss how Gener8tor is launching a new program to accelerate investing in sustainability and climate tech startups. He talks about the program and how you can be one of the five winners picked to enter the program- the reward a $100,000 investment.

It’s easy to be negative these days as the media bombards us with news about the ongoing pandemic, inflation, kinks in the supply chain, a dysfunctional government compounded by a waterfall of negative social media that can make the future feel hopeless.  But what if, technology and innovation can turn all that negativity into innovation that make life better for us all?

Practical Futurist Michael Rogers has been tracking trends in technology for decades. He's a speaker, moderator, panelist, author, journalist, not to mention the New York Times futurist in residence.  Michael shares his optimistic insight into how technology will make a better life better.

This week we sat down with Tom Appel, publisher of Consumer Guide automotive for a look back on this year’s top automotive news. This included a discussion on Charge anxiety, EV price hurdles, Toyota’s $70 B investment in EVs and why Elon Musk is Times person of the year.

Commercial food production and food waste are responsible for one-third of greenhouse gasses. This week we spoke with Rian McDonnell, CEO of FloWaste, a technology startup that is determined to address the business, environmental and ethical issues of food waste. FloWaste uses AI that includes a camera-driven, machine learning system that tracks how food is being wasted - and how it can be reduced.

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that video games are more popular than ever. With millions of games available and players at every age it brings up the question, how can we share important messaging through these games? This week we spoke with Earthshot’s Co-founder and President Mark Bernstein to discuss the company’s new development of video games that are inspiring climate change. 

Good COP, Bad COP!

Now that the dust has settled, and the UN COP 26 climate summit is over we sat down with Washington Post Climate Solutions Reporter, Michael Birnbaum to discuss his thoughts on this year’s summit. Birnbaum gave us his first-hand account of the good and bad that occurred at the 26 international summits to address climate change in Glasgow Scotland

This week host Robert Colangelo spoke with Susannah Miller, Head of Science at the International School of Indiana. Inspired by this crop of young adults and their concern for people and the planet, we spoke about the student’s passion for the environment and how it inspires Susannah to incorporate science lessons into the classroom. Robert also spoke with three students from Miller’s class to get their thoughts on climate change, sustainability, and the future of our planet.

This week we spoke with Tom Appel, publisher of Consumer Guide automotive and host of the podcast Car Stuff to discuss the latest Green Automotive News including Ford's new EV conversion kit, how Hyundai is surging ahead on green car sales, and EV pickup truck maker Rivian's IPO. 

Growing fruits and vegetables more sustainably is essential to feeding a growing population. However, what’s equally as important is distributing produce to the consumer, so fruits and vegetables stay fresh and secure with less packaging. This week we spoke with Kyle Barnett, host of the ‘Crop Talk’ podcast and known for his work in helping growers create better packaging and merchandising solutions. We discuss how the produce industry can reduce waste, rely less on plastic, and shift into more sustainable packaging. We also look at the barriers to making this eco-friendly change.

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