Green Sense Radio

Plastic waste paving roads/Minnesota Experimental City

June 29, 2018

The British company MacRebur takes plastic waste that would end up in landfills and uses it in paving roads. They say it makes for stronger, leaner and greener roads. And, we’re joined by MacRebur CEO Toby McCartney on Green Sense.  

Seeing how people in the past looked toward the future can help us here in the present day.  A new documentary about the Minnesota Experimental City project, 10-bilion-dollar “city of tomorrow” that being planned in the 1960s. It would produce minimal waste and pollution and offer the new technology and would be an answer to the urban blight and threat of over population.  It’s a fascinating story of big ideas and big personalities. We’re joined by Chad Freidrichs, director of the film “The Experimental City.”