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Lush shampoo bars go viral/Coal-fired plants and fertility rates

July 12, 2018

The cosmetics company Lush recently created a video to promote ‘shampoo bars,’ which are like a bar of soap for your hair and don’t need to be contained in a plastic bottle, so there’s no plastic waste. That video helped sell thousands of the bars in a matter of days and, bring attention to an important issue.  Someone who was involved in its creation was Katrina Poulos with Lush, who joins us. 

We’ve known for years of the environmental issues from coal fired power plants and the dirty air they expel. But we’re still learning about specific health problems they can cause. Recent research shows closing coal-fired plants increases fertility and decreases the number of pre-term births for people living nearby.  Dr. Joan Casey of U.C. Berkeley contributed to a recent study.